More Than a Game

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fighting game veteran, Battle Lounge is the place to learn, improve, compete, and make friends through our weekly meetups and various local tournaments and events.

What is Battle Lounge?

Battle Lounge is a community of fighting game players and enthusiasts in Portland, OR, with an emphasis on being the Street Fighter V hub for the area. Our primary events include a weekly casuals meetup and monthly tournaments.

Why Offline Meetups?

If your experience with Street Fighter V, or any fighting game, is limited to single-player or online play, we invite you to discover the many benefits of playing against live opponents in a lagless, non-toxic social environment conducive to actually improving at the game.

Battle Lounge @ Black Water

"Battle Lounge @ Black Water" is an umbrella term for our monthly tournaments, where entrants compete for cash prizes at Black Water Bar on SE Broadway. Our flagship tournament, Street Fighter @ Black Water features Street Fighter V and has run for over two years.

Come Fight!

Battle Lounge is a diverse, member-driven community, and part of the greater Portland Fighting Game Community (FGC). All are welcome.

Get Involved

Detailed information about our events and schedule is disseminated in our Discord and Facebook Group. The Discord in particular serves as a 24-hour communication hub, where members chat and arrange online sessions. Sign up, introduce yourself, and come fight!